What is RiverHouse?

RiverHouse is a proposed ‘Cottage Court’ located at 125 Kennedy Lane.  Cottage Courts are developments that cluster homes around a shared green space, in order to create  a more intentional neighborhood.


How many homes will be at RiverHouse?

RiverHouse will consist of five single family detached cottages, and three accessory dwelling units (ADUs) on .9 acres. Homes will be smaller in keeping with market trends for more efficient, high quality living spaces.


What are the community benefits of RiverHouse?

The project transforms a well-located, large single lot with existing utilities into an efficient neighborhood of five new homes and three Accessory Dwelling Units.  Adjacent to the Russian River, RiverHouse will provide increased stewardship along its riparian edge, and reduce threats to the watershed by removing an existing septic system and underground storage tank.


Is this kind of development permitted in Healdsburg?

RiverHouse has been designed under the site’s existing R1-6000 zoning, which requires a minimum of 6,000 SF lots.  It also complies with the City’s General Plan under the MR land use classification, and as an infill development qualifies for a CEQA exemption after careful review state statutes and site criteria.


What is the approval process for RiverHouse?

RiverHouse requires several different approvals.  Each with a separate Public Hearing. The first occured on March 13th, when the Planning Commission voted 5.0 to recommend approval of the Tentative Map to the City Council. The City Council will vote on April 16th.   This will be followed with Major Design Review, where the proposed architecture, building massing and heights, setbacks and parking accommodations will be reviewed in another Public Hearing.


When design approval is granted, the City will need to review technical design of infrastructure and grading plans, and ultimately the City Council will review the Final Map.  Construction cannot begin until Building Permits are issued, and only after the Final Map is approved.


Will RiverHouse be subject to the Healdsburg’s Growth Management Ordinance?

Yes.  Like all new, market rate residential development in Healdsburg, RiverHouse can only be built after it receives the requisite number of ‘housing allocations’, of which there are 30 per year.


How will RiverHouse address Affordable Housing in the City of Healdsburg?

RiverHouse will fulfill its obligations to the City’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance using methods outlined in the current city ordinance. Additionally, the project will build three new Accessory Dwelling Units, providing the potential for long-term rental housing units.


For more information contact: jim@urbangreen.net