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RiverHouse Aerial View Looking North East
Source: Properties North, LLC
Credit: Opticos Deisgn


Planning Commission Design Review Hearing
(Pending Final Confirmation)

As part of a regularly scheduled Planning Commission Meeting, the RiverHouse team will provide their formal Design Review presentation. Comments and input provided at the prior workshop will be addressed and the proposed architecture, colors, materials, landscape, lighting and fence designs will be presented for final approval.  If the Commission is in agreement with the proposals made, they can vote to approve the project design, which clears the path to move to construction documents for both site infrastructure and residential buildings.


Planning Commission Design Workshop
May 1, 2018 5:00pm at City Hall

In a special ‘work session’ of the Healdsburg Planning Commission, the RiverHouse design team shared a more detailed look at proposed architectural floor plans, elevations, colors and materials.  Also discussed in this interactive work session was the refined site plan, parking, fence designs and requested variances.  No decisions were made, but an opportunity for public comment was provided to attendees.  The primary purpose was to provide direction and input to the applicant before they undertake a more formal design submission. The presentation can be viewed here.

Neighborhood Design 'Pop-Up'
April 29, 2018 @ 125 Kennedy Lane

Prior to the May 1st Planning Commission work session, the neighbors of 125 Kennedy were invited to drop in and preview our design concepts. The open house was held in the garage behind 125 Kennedy Lane. About 15 neighbors from Presidential & Riverview Estates attended.

City Council Hearing
April 16, 2018

With a favorable recommendation from the Planning Commission, the City Council unanimously approved the Tentative Map for RiverHouse at the April 16th City Council meeting.

The project now moves back to Planning Commission for Design Review and approval of project design elements including architecture, material, colors, landscape, lighting and fencing.  If this stage is approved the project goes into detailed construction documentation and permitting. Once full building permits are received, the project is able to receive Growth Management allocations as they become available.

Planning Commission Hearing

Download the slideshow presentation given to the Planning Commission here.

View the Planning Commission Hearing video here.

View the Public Testimony and Commissioner Discussion video here.

March 13, 2018

The Planning Commission had its first public hearing for RiverHouse before a full house at City Council Chambers.  Over twelve people provided public testimony, with everyone speaking in favor of the project for its innovative approach and use of the site, the developer’s outreach efforts and willingness to listen to neighborhood concerns, and the provision of new housing types include Accessory Dwelling Units.  The Commissioners asked questions about planned variances, size of the proposed homes, provision of parking and retention of existing trees. After about 30 minutes of deliberations, the Commission voted 5-0 in favor of recommending approval of the proposed Tentative Map by the City Council.

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‘Pop-up’ Neighborhood Q+A

March 11, 2018

Based on requests from neighborhoods, an informal ‘pop-up’ question and answer session was held at the 125 Kennedy site, on Sunday March 11th.  Explanatory presentation boards were shared neighbors that responded to a NextDoor post.  Informal Q+A was provided by Jim Heid, FASLA and Marty McGraw and people walked the site to understand the relationship of proposed buildings to existing conditions.


Open House Information Session

February 28, 2018

We hosted  an Open House to share project concepts and answer questions in advance of the Planning Commission hearing on February 28th at Hudson Street Winery, 428 Hudson Avenue (in Roma Station).


Return to this Site to learn more about future Public Meetings and approval process including Design Review Session and Final Map Hearings.

"A pocket
neighborhood is a
basic building block
of a vibrant, healthy

- Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin

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What is a Cottage Court?

 Credit: pocket-neighborhoods.net

Credit: pocket-neighborhoods.net

Pocket Neighborhoods -

or Cottage Courts - creatively organize smaller homes around a shared green space to use land resources more efficiently, create a more connected and intentional neighborhood, and prioritize walk-ability over private automobile use. The concept was pioneered in Seattle and has gone on to great acclaim throughout the Pacific Northwest, inspired by developers such as the Cottage Company.

 Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin

Pocket Neighborhoods by Ross Chapin

The vision for RiverHouse

emanated from housing conversations in our community where many Healdsburg residents expressed a desire to see new forms of housing that would meet their changing lifestyle or life stage. The 'Cottage Court' was consistently favored over all other forms of new residential development, because their smaller scale reflect the town's historic cottages, and uses remaining residential sites more efficiently.

 Real time slide data from Community Workshop silent polling in March 2015 Credit: City of Healdsburg

Real time slide data from Community Workshop silent polling in March 2015
Credit: City of Healdsburg

 Source: Properties North, LLC *Boundaries are approximate

Source: Properties North, LLC
*Boundaries are approximate

The unique location and shape of 125 Kennedy Lane

made the concept of the Cottage Court feasible here in Healdsburg. The deep site, with mature fruit and Redwood trees, provides a visual and physical connection to the Russian River and proximity to downtown via the recently built Foss Creek Trail. This site affords the chance to take all that is great about Healdsburg and bring it forward in one great, small, pocket neighborhood.

After assembling a talented team

of local and national consultants, numerous studies were undertaken to create the current site plan. The lotting and resulting homes have been carefully tested using three dimensional modeling tools to ensure the creation of a comfortable, neighbor -friendly arrangement of five 1300 SF cottages, and three accessory dwelling units, all while respecting surrounding residences and the Russian River.

 Source: Properties North, LLC Credit: Opticos Design

Source: Properties North, LLC
Credit: Opticos Design



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The Project Team

The RiverHouse project team has been carefully assembled from local and national consultants who provide the kind of innovative thinking, attention to high quality design, and collaborative approach a project of this complexity requires.


UrbanGreen Development

UrbanGreen Development is the real estate development group of UrbanGreen, Inc., a Healdsburg based sustainable development advisory and development company. UrbanGreen was founded in 2003 to advise legacy landowners, cities and private developers on more sustainable ways of shaping the built environment.


In 2012, the firm’s founder, Jim Heid, FASLA, was selected to develop a new program of national study tours focused on the transformative power of small, incremental development techniques.  After leading tours and instructional programs in over 13 cities, Jim began to combine his advisory skills with practical development knowledge to create projects that showcase innovative solutions in infill housing, mixed use and co-working environments.  In addition to RiverHouse, UrbanGreen Development has completed 536 Johnson Street, 507-511 Johnson Street and 103 Marion Lane in Healdsburg. Craft|Work, UrbanGreen's new co-working space in downtown Healdsburg is scheduled to open in Q2, 2018.